Constant Capacity Type Solenoid Pump


The Constant Capacity Type Solenoid Pump is a new solenoid pump designed so that the plunger stroke may become constant.  The stroke of the plunger is regulated by the lower and upper stoppers.  So, in the constant capacity operating area, the discharge flow during each stroke is fixed.  Therefore, any fluctuation of the discharge flow rate by changing the power supply voltage, the viscosity of the liquid, and the ambient temperature decreases significantly when compared to the Non-Capacity Type Solenoid Pump.


Furthermore, the compression ratio of the piston room of the new Constant Capacity Solenoid Pump is increased as far as it is possible. So, the stability and the reproducibility of the discharge flow rates and the self-priming capabilities are very excellent.


The primary variable means of the discharge and flow amount is the pulse frequency modulation (PFM) with a fixed pulse width.


To have the above characteristics, this new Constant Capacity Type Solenoid Pump is suitable for dosing and metering applications with a pressurized tank and in vehicles in which vibration is a principle issue. 


Please see the movement principle using an animated cartoon.


For further details regarding this design, please see the additional technical information.